Save Energy in Your Congregation

Light Switch Reminders

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-2-53-47-pmOrder a set of light switch reminders for your congregation or home.  We currently offer:

“We care for Creation.” (also available in Spanish and Korean)
“We care for the Earth.”
“Practice Earth Ethics.” (Ethical Culture)
Lo tashchit/Don’t waste.” (Jewish)
“Be mindful of the Light.” (Friends)
“Practice Earth Ethics.” (Ethical Culture)
Bismillah-hir-rahman-arrahim/In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful” (Islamic)
“So powerful is the light of unity…” (Baha’i)
“Honor the seventh principle.” (Unitarian Universalist, also available in Spanish)
“Be a lamp unto yourself.” (Buddhist)
“Care for our Common Home.” (Catholic, also available in Spanish)
“Practice Ahimsa.” (Hindu)
“Care for Waheguru’s balance.” (Sikh)

Suggestions welcome for adapting these sacred reminders to additional religious traditions! To order or make suggestions, email

Energy Star for Congregations

The “Energy Star for Congregations Guide: Putting Energy into Stewardship” [pdf] is a free download with energy-saving advice tailored to congregations. In addition, Energy Star’s free “Portfolio Manager” software can be used to track energy use in congregational buildings, and to qualify your congregation for the Energy Star for Congregations certification.

Energy Conservation Resources for Congregations from GreenFaith

Read or download Twelve Priority Measures to save energy in religious institutions.

Watch a three-part webinar series on energy conservation in religious institutions from GreenFaith, with EPA’s Energy Star for Congregations Office.

The Interfaith Coalition on Energy

The Interfaith Coalition on Energy guides congregations to use measurably less energy, to purchase energy at lower cost, and to anticipate and prevent problems with mechanical and electrical systems within their buildings. Members’ mutual goal is to create money for community service while practicing environmental stewardship.

Check out these articles for great resources for congregations regarding heating and cooling, energy bills, energy audits, building management, and more!