Green Your Home

Living out the change we wish to see in our own homes makes us more credible and powerful advocates for stronger climate policy in our communities. The energy we use at home is one of the most direct ways we’re each connected to the heat-trapping pollution that is damaging our world’s climate.

Invite your community members to begin “turning away from burning” fossil fuels by using less energy, shifting to clean energy, and moving your home away from burning methane gas.

Many of us burn methane gas, propane, or heating oil to heat our homes, warm our water, cook our food, or dry our laundry. For years, it was our only choice. But now, clean, affordable, efficient electric appliances exist to do all of those tasks, and more! 

Join so many neighbors here and across the country who are turning away from burning fossil fuels, and electrifying everything at home!

How do we feel about being stuck with methane-burning stoves that came with our houses? Thumbs down!

switch to electric

Resources from our friends at Rewiring America

Savings Calculator: How Much Money Will You Get with the Inflation Reduction Act?

Electrify Everything in Your Home: A Guide to Comfy, Healthy, Carbon-Free Living 
Full web version | Printable handout version

Heat Pumps

Looking for someone who can install a heat pump, but don’t know who to call? Your best bet is to search for HVAC contractors who’ve gone through the Building Performance Institute training program. which includes a lot of heat pump education.

Go Solar At Home

Did you know that whether you rent or own there’s a solar option for you?

Solar Co-Ops

Groups of neighbors are coming together to purchase solar for their homes in the following areas. Click on the links for the current co-ops below. (Updated Spring/Summer 2024).


Capital Area Solar Switch*


Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Frederick County Residents:
Capital Area Solar Switch*

Anne Arundel, Baltimore City and Baltimore, Harford, and Howard County Residents:
Civic Works’ Energy Programs* – Solar options and home energy upgrades


Capital Area Solar Switch*

Download bulletin inserts to share in your congregation to invite community members to go solar at home.

man stands with solar panel

Rabbi Ilan Glazer stands with a solar panel ready to go onto the roof of his home in Baltimore.

Over eighty members of Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation in Bethesda subscribed to a community solar project, some of whom went on a tour of the Neighborhood Sun project they helped build! Their sign honors the One “who makes the works of Creation.”

Community Solar

Even if you can’t put solar panels on your own home, anyone who pays an energy bill to BGE, Pepco MD, Pepco DC, or Potomac Edison can subscribe to a Neighborhood Sun* community solar project nearby.

With Neighborhood Sun, you’ll:
Lock in a stable rate for your electricity.
Be a member of a strong community of local solar supporters caring for our common home.

* A donation will be made to support our work for each person who signs up for this program.

Questions? Email solar @

Save Energy

We turn to our congregations for wisdom on living well, so our communities can be a powerful place to educate folks about going green at home.

Help everyone in your community bring home your congregation’s climate commitment by giving out light switch reminders or organizing a home energy workshop.