Spring 2024

Omer Calendar

Jewish communities formally count each day starting on the second night of Pesach — our retelling of exodus from slavery in Egypt — for the seven weeks until Shavuot — a celebration of receiving the Torah. This counting, called S’firat haOmer, recalls an agricultural practice of bringing sheaves of barley — each unit an “omer” — as Temple offerings.

We’re offering this year’s #ClimateOmer Calendar — created to guide Jewish communities in both appreciating the abundance in our natural world, and in journeying together to responsibility for our damaged climate — as an invitation to stay spiritually grounded through Pesach and into the month ahead.

Please take a moment to download your own #ClimateOmer calendar and then pass it along with the message on this page.

The 2023 Omer Calendar will be available in May-April!

Please forward this message to your Jewish community:

Let’s Go Free from Fossil Fuels this Passover as we Count the #ClimateOmer!

Download Interfaith Power & Light (DC.MD.NoVA)’s #ClimateOmer calendar to begin a journey from freedom to sacred responsibility, starting on the second night of Pesach: ipldmv.org/omer

Special thanks to our friends at Virginia Interfaith Power & Light for helping create this resource!