Climate in the Pulpits / on the Bimah / in the Minbar

Thank you for being one of the many caring faith communities that have committed to working with Interfaith Power & Light (DC.MD.NoVA) and Washington Interfaith Network (WIN) to raise up climate protection and environmental justice this fall.

Spread the word!

Let your neighbors know your congregation is participating by sharing and tagging the Climate in the Pulpits event on Facebook! Use hashtag #climatepulpits to share photos and teachings from your congregation’s program.


Bulletin inserts

All congregations participating in Climate in the Pulpits are encouraged to distribute bulletin inserts, ideally as part of the worship service, and re-collect the filled-in postcards on the spot, perhaps in a collection plate as part of the offering. 

If your congregation already told us how many bulletin inserts you need, the inserts you requested will be mailed to your congregation. If you need more, you may find .pdfs below that can be printed and copied, two to a page. 

Click to download bulletin insert for congregations in Washington DC.

Click to download bulletin inserts for congregations in Maryland.

Sample talk for speakers

For guest or volunteer speakers, download our sample 5-minute talk.

induction cooking demonstration

To set up an induction cooking demonstration at your congregation’s coffee hour, bring or borrow an induction cooktop (email if you’d like to borrow one of ours), and make this easy and delicious chocolate fondue!

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