Climate in the Pulpits / on the Bimah / in the Minbar – Oct 5-7, 2018

Over one weekend, pastors, rabbis, imams, and other faith leaders in congregations across Maryland will be raising up Creation care and climate change as part of their sermons at weekly services and through other learning programs. Thank you for being one of many caring faith communities that have committed to working with Interfaith Power & Light and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network to raise up climate and Creation care.

Click to find the following resources below:

Spread the Word!

Let your neighbors know your congregation is participating by sharing and tagging the Climate in the Pulpits event on Facebook! Use hashtag #ClimatePulpits to share photos and teachings from your congregation’s program.

– Resources –

Bulletin inserts

All congregations participating in Climate in the Pulpits are encouraged to distribute bulletin inserts, ideally as part of the worship service, and to re-collect the filled-in postcards on the spot, perhaps in a collection plate as part of the offering.

If your congregation already told us how many bulletin inserts you need, the inserts you requested will be mailed to your congregation in September. If you need need more, you can find pdfs below, that can be printed and copied, two to a page.

There are two versions of the bulletin insert available this year. Click to download the version with a quotation from St. Francis in English or in Spanish. Click here to download the version with a Jewish biblical commentary quotation.

Individuals can also sign a “postcard” electronically here.

Request a guest speaker

Deadline has passed for weekend of Oct 5-7.

We can connect your congregation with skilled speakers whose environmental work is rooted in their faith traditions, and with passionate environmental educators who know how to share green skills and enthusiasm with diverse religious groups.

The speakers and teachers in our Speakers Bureau are ready to offer guest sermons, text studies, adult forum presentations, youth group programming, and skills workshops on environmental themes in local congregations, including Spanish-speaking communities. Click here to learn more and request a guest speaker.

Sample talk for speakers

For guest speakers, download our sample 5-minute talk in English and in Spanish.

Resources for Christian communities

– Climate in the Pulpits: Sermon starters tied to the Revised Common Lectionary
– From Season of Creation: 2018 Celebration Guide
– From Creation Justice Ministries: Ethics of Energy study guide
– From United Church of Christ: Justice for #EachGeneration Worship Resource

* Resources for African-American/black churches

– From Interfaith Power & Light (DC.MD.NoVA): “Climate Change and African-American Communities” 1-pager
– From Creation Justice Ministries: African American Climate Initiative

* Resources for Catholic parishes

– Climate in the Pulpits: Homily Helps for the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
– From Catholic Climate Covenant: Who Is My Neighbor In A Climate-Threatened World? Feast of St. Francis Resources
– From the Columban Center: Season of Creation: A Journey Around the World Toolkit
– From Marty Haugen/GIA Publications: Hymns for a Mass of Creation (for purchase)

* Resources for children & youth

– From Interfaith Power & Light (DC.MD.NoVA): Light Switch Reminders coloring sheet
– From Catholic Climate Covenant: Friending Planet Earth Curriculum (youth)
– From Green Anglicans: The Story of Creation Sunday School Curriculum (children)
– From New Community Project: Operation Creation! Curriculum (children)
– From United Methodist Women: God’s Extravagant Garden (children; for purchase)
– From United Methodist Women: Joining Voices for Climate Justice (youth; for purchase)

* Recursos para las iglesias en español

– Del Tiempo para la Creacíon: Guía para el Tiempo de la Creación
– De la Alianza Católica para el Clima: Baja el Calor Para Cultivar el Bien Común en nuestra Casa Común
– De la Alianza Católica para el Clima: Cuidando Nuestra Casa Común: Guia de Programa

Resources for Jewish communities

– Climate on the Bimah: Dvar torah notes for Parashat Bereshit and Haftarah: Isaiah 42:5-43:10
– From Canfei Nesharim: Dvar torah on the environment for Parashat Bereshit
– From GreenFaith: Ten Jewish teachings on Judaism and the environment (adults or youth)
– Jewish text studies: Toward a Wiser Use of Energy and Genesis and Human Stewardship of the Earth

Resources for Muslim communities

– From Green Khaleafa: Sample Green Khutbah
Islamic Declaration on Climate Change
– From Green Muslims: the Green Scripture Project, a collection of readings and reflections from the Islamic tradition

Resources for Unitarian Universalist communities

– From Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth: Justice for #EachGeneration Resources
– From Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth: Honoring Earth Worship Resources
– From Unitarian Universalist Association: Climate Change Religious Education Curriculum (children & youth)