• Rev. Kip Banks, Sr., East Washington Heights Baptist Church
  • Rev. Scott Benhase. Above, Rev. Jered Weber-Johnson blesses rooftop solar panels, St. Alban's Episcopal Church
  • Nadia Janjua, DC Green Muslims. Above, Julie Bruns, Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, testifies against a proposed coal plant.
  • Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Keiner. Above, Rev. Rob Hardies blesses bikes (and riders) at All Souls Church, Unitarian.
  • Members of Tikkun Leil Shabbat and DC Green Muslims discuss the film <em>Renewal</em>
  • Director Joelle Novey. Members of local congregations at a vigil on the National Mall.

Our Mission

is to help hundreds of congregations of all faiths across Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia to save energy, go green, and respond to climate change.

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part of a network of Interfaith Power & Light groups across the country.


we are building a national religious response to the climate crisis.

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Celebrating Tu Bishvat: Speak Out for Creation

Jewish communities across our region will be celebrating Tu Bishvat from sundown on Sunday, January 20th, until sundown on Monday, January 21st, appreciating the gifts of fruit trees and the rhythms of our natural world.

Right now, this Jewish ecological holiday comes at an auspicious moment, when our communities have timely opportunities to speak out for cleaner power and climate justice in our region.

Interfaith Power & Light has created signs for download so that Tu Bishvat events in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia can include an act of environmental advocacy: taking a group photo that speaks out for green policy locally!

Click here to download.

Speak Out in Your Community

Interfaith Power & Light (DC.MD.NoVA) provides regular opportunities for people of faith to speak out for Creation in the public square, and to bring a uniquely powerful moral voice to local environmental advocacy campaigns.







Support a Religious Response to Climate Change!

Please support Interfaith Power & Light’s powerful grassroots work with congregations to save energy, go green, and respond to climate change.

Would you take a moment right now to deepen your commitment to Interfaith Power & Light’s powerful grassroots work? Every dollar you give will go to work providing unique environmental programming that touches hearts and changes practices in hundreds of congregations.


Host a free Home Energy Workshop in your congregation

Through partnerships with Civic Works’ Retrofit Baltimore, we can bring our popular and practical home energy workshops to your congregation.

Learn how you can save energy, help create green jobs, and shrink your carbon footprint at the same time!

We’ll reflect on our own responsibility as people of faith to consider the impact of our electricity use.

Your community will have a chance to hear the story of how our electricity is made, to explore practical steps for saving energy in your home, and about Groundswell, Civic Works’ Retrofit Baltimore, or LEAP-Virginia, local organizations that are working to help homeowners save energy and create good green jobs at the same time.

To schedule a home energy workshop at your congregation, email program@ipldmv.org.